#13: Apply your entrepreneurial mind to picking your university curriculum smartly with Owen Yang, student in Commerce at UNSW and entrepreneur at Activ Pass, Sydney.

#13 Owen Yang

Founder at ActivPass.com.au


Meet this week awesome studentpreneurs: Owen Yang, 22 years old, who just finished a Commerce degree Business and Arts at the University of New South Wales (USNW) and is currently running Activ Pass.  He was listed as one of Smart Company’s top 30 Under 30 Entrepreneurs for 2014.

Book recommended:

The 4 hour week.

Wrap up:

Each studentpreneurs’ story is different and what works for some people doesn’t for others, however I’d like to point out of few things in Owen’s journey that are quite exciting:
He saw an opportunity when he ran into the pain point of signing up for a special training for a entrance test, that’s when he realised he could make money through services. He then also applied the concept of the four hour week to his university curriculum: it’s about beating the game: pick the easy subjects first, get to know people from the previous year, go to 2 tutorials and not the lecture…. Owen also explained very well how to use the R&D money back system in Australia for any innovative apps, that’s one of his current business where he hopes to reach a 7 figure turnover within 6 months! Finally, he highlights the importance of good co-funders as they decided to start a new business, Activ Pass, different from the previous one but since they knew and trusted each other they were able to start it quickly, ahead of the competition.

Visit Owen’s website, ActivePass

On another note, Owen runs another business called Gowning Street where he lowers the costs of graduating, by selling academic gowns for as little as $45-$79. when rental at most unis is at least $75. Visit www.gowningstreet.com.au