#15 The dream has come true: University of Utah supports studentpreneurs 100% - Apply to be one of the 400 lucky ones

#15 Lassonde Entrepreneurship Studios

Lassonde Studios

Meet this week Troy D’Ambrosio, ex political student, successful serial entrepreneur and now Executive Director at Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, University of Utha, USA. Troy present the exciting new entrepreneurship hub, the Lassonde Studio where 400 studentpreneurs will be able to live, create, and study… with scholarships.

Wrap up:

We have talked with all our guests on how hard it can be to study and run a business at the same time. With the Lassonde Studio, a unique project, Troy  and the Lassonde Entrepreneurship Institute are removing ALL THE BARRIERS for studentpreneurs. On that campus not only you won’t feel like you don’t fit but you will be supported and encouraged to create, network, tinker and finish your degree.

No longer will you have to work in your parents’ garage, they provide an “innovation garage” on campus open 24/7, with housing, with all the cool toys (recording studios, 3d printers,….) for 400 studentpreneurs from all horizons and all ages. If that wasn’t enought there are $3 million worth of scholarship available. I am amazed by this project, it’s one of a kind in the world but I hope that other universities will be inspired.

If you are in your last year of High School and in any year of undergrade and postgrade, go an apply now for a start in Fall 2016 (ie July). You can reach Troy on http://lassonde.utah.edu/. Go apply now and share this project with your own University.

Do a virtual tour here:  http://lassonde.utah.edu/take-virtual-tour-of-lassonde-studios/

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