#16 Tembo education group competes in the $1 million Hult competition by improving education in sub-Saharan regions of Africa

#16 Team Tembo Education Group

Team Tembo

Meet this week awesome studentpreneur: Ulixes Hawili, 19  years old, student in Mathematics and Economics at the University of Tampa, Florida and representing the team Tembo Education Group, one of the 6 finalists of the Hult student entrepreneur competition. 


Learn more about Tembo Education Group on www.studentpreneur.com.au

Wrap up: 

Each studentpreneur’s story is different and what works for some people doesn’t for others, however I’d like to point out of few things in Ulixes Hawili’s journey that are similar to the studentpreneurs I studied in my research:

Ulixes gives us a great example on how building a business can make the connection between what you learn in class, such as economics for him, and the real world: improving education in sub-Saharan regions of Africa. Once again mentors are enablers. Ulixes mentions a lot of professors as mentors and he reminds us all that professors are happy to help, especially if you put yourself out there, wanting to improve yourself. Finally, none of it would have been possible for Ulixes and his team if he hadn’t attended that presentation about the Hult competition. So be curious and check out the non curriculum presentations and activities on campus!

If you have what it takes you can apply to share your story on air: http://studentpreneur.com.au/pages/contact-form-guest