#18: Whatever field you are studying in, you will bring value to a startup - Leo Lope Lofranco. Student in Biology at Ateneo de Manila and entrepreneur at Project Mercury, Philipines.

#18 Leo Lope Lofranco

Founder at Project Mercury

Meet this week awesome studentpreneur: Leo Lope Lofranco, 22 years old, student in Biology at Ateneo de Manila and entrepreneur at Project Mercury, Philippines.


Wrap up:
Each studentpreneur’s story is different and what works for some people doesn’t for others, however I’d like to point out of few things in Leo Lope Lofranco’s journey that are similar to the studentpreneurs I have talked to:
Leo wasn’t destined to be an entrepreneur, after all that’s not what one does in the Philippines. Also, biology students are expected to go to Med school. Well, as you have realised, the supporting environment is essential: in Boston he tried a Startup Weekend which changed his mindset and perspective on the world. He learned that startups are multi disciplinary projects and that he had to learn new skills, such as coding. He benefited a lot from events and from the GSEA competition. So get involved in such competition whatever field you are in and you might end up as a business owner down the track.

– Share with everyone, especially your professors, your idea in the infant stage for validation purposes.
– Take advantage of free online courses (MOOCS)
– Attend Startup Weekend and the Global Student Entrepreneur Award

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