#19: Elsa's business supports her while studying overseas.

#19 Elsa Shien

Meet this week awesome studentpreneur: Elsa Shien, 30 years old, student in Finance and Accounting at Queensland University of Technology in Australia and entrepreneur at Shanghai Private Guide, China.


Wrap up:
Each studentpreneur’s story is different and what works for some people doesn’t for others, however I’d like to point out of few things in Elsa’s journey that are similar to the studentpreneurs I have talked to:

Elsa built her fighting spirit through her difficult childhood in a little Chinese village without electricity and having to look after her siblings. She was the first of her family to go to University thanks to this fighint spirit. That spirit is mixed with curiosity which helped her take the “I have nothing to lose” concept to an all new level. Without speaking English she started working in an English oriented business and soon started her own venture, Shanghai Private Guide against all odds. She went through a lot of ups and downs, and even through some soul searching travel after her first university. Her positive mindset helped up push on and now she is studying overseas without any help from her parents but herself and her team in Shanghai. Follow Elsa’s advice, go travel to a developing country, spend some time there and you will have another perspective on the world.

– Shark Tank
– Small Business videos

– Keep trying, as a student you have nothing to lose.
– Keep asking questions to people who know and do not care about what other people think about you
– Meditate through yoga! “Ask your heart what you really want with yourself”
– Go spend some times in poor countries to help you gain focus in your life.

Elsa’s website: http://www.shanghaiprivateguide.com/

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