#20: At 15 Taj Pabari fund raised enough money to start his 3rd business to help children build their own tablet

#20 Taj Pabari

Founder at Fiftysix

Meet this week awesome studentpreneur: Taj Pabari 15 years old, high school student at John Paul College and entrepreneur at Fiftysix, Brisbane, Australia.


Wrap up:
Each studentpreneur’s story is different and what works for some people doesn’t for others, however I’d like to point out of few things in Taj’s journey that are similar to the studentpreneurs I have talked to:

EVery early on, at the age of 11, Taj saw an opportunity in the blogging industry and was not scared to reach out to big manufacturers. He never lost that ability to reach out to people, which helped him for his other venture. Entrepreneurship competitions such as Startup Weekend helped him meet his next co-funder and increased his network of mentors and persons of interest. He took his networking to the next level when building up his Linkedin profile and met a lot of investors and people happy to help this way. Don’t forget that people love to help young entrepreneurs, so if you put yourself on Linkedin, they will be able to find you! His failure re: importing from China is a very common one, so be careful when doing it. Finally, Taj stresses the importance to be involved in competitions and entrepreneurship programs such as the Foundation of Young Australians, so do like Taj and contact http://www.fya.org.au/ if you are in Australia or find similar programs in your country. Feel free to send me the name of the programs you found and I’ll post them on the Studentpreneur.com.au website.

U to support U:
–  Schools should have “Communication Path”, to help students learn how to communicate, how to do public speaking.
– Check Sir Ken Robinson’s TedX talk.

Taj’s website: http://www.hellofiftysix.com/#homepage

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