Your host at StudentPreneur Podcast: Julien Marchand

Julien Marchand

My name is Julien; entrepreneur turned Ph.D. student, your host at StudentPreneur Podcast.

I first caught the entrepreneurship bug back in my business school in France when I became the VP of the student association. Since then I have set up three businesses in the U.S. and Australia while working. The biggest was a sustainable smartphone application development business. I also have 10 years of work experience in promoting, selling and implementing innovation at companies like Capgemini E&Y and Telstra (Australian Telco). The story here is that if you don’t start a business while at Uni, then you probably will have to have a corporate job to start one on the side later on…

Now I am passionate about leveraging my practical experience to help studentpreneurs at University.  To do so I am currently doing a Ph.D. on studentpreneurs. The research is all about understanding who studentpreneurs are to raise awareness about them. During my research, I have met so many fascinating and motivating students who are entrepreneurs, that I have decided to share their stories with all the students who are thinking to start something themselves. This is why StudentPreneur Podcast exists.

Soon I’ll be finishing my Ph.D., and I will join a University that truly believes in supporting studentpreneurs (still looking;)). Until then I am helping studentpreneurs and aspiring studentpreneurs through this podcast.

I am just loving every bit of it!

What about you? Drop me a line if you have any feedback or want to share a though or two about raising awareness about studentpreneurs.

 For the nostalgics, here is episode 000: