#11 Special $1 million Student Entrepreneur Competition: the Hult Prize – Team ATTOLO Social Enterprise

#11 Team ATTOLO

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Meet this week awesome studentpreneurs: Jamie Atson, 34 and Aisha Bhukari 31 years old part time MBA students at Toronto University and part of the ATTOLLO Social Enterprise team.

Wrap up:

This week is a special episode on a competition for studentpreneurs: The Hult Competition. Jamie Aston and Aisha Bhukari represent their team ATTOLO Social Entreprise. This episode highlights the great opportunity that entrepreneurship competitions are for studentpreneurs. Jamie and Aisha did not have business experience but they launched into that competition with 2 other members, Peter and Lak. However, they all have their own experience that they have leveraged to build their current product, Talking Stickers. They are committed to each other to go through the one year competition. For now they have gone to Dubai to become one of the 6 teams qualified out of the 20,000 participating teams. They will get a fantastic experience being part of the Boston MIT accelerator program and get a shot a the $1 Million dollar prize. All of that because they decided to participate in the competition. So can you, check the competitions around you and get started.


Website: http://www.attollose.com/

Twitter: @attolose

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AttolloSE



About the Hult competition:

The Hult Prize Foundation is a start-up accelerator for budding young social entrepreneurs emerging from the world’s universities. Named as one of the top five ideas changing the world by President Bill Clinton and TIME Magazine, the annual competition for the the Hult Prize aims to identify and launch the most compelling social business ideas—start-up enterprises that tackle grave issues faced by billions of people. Winners receive USD 1 million in seed capital, as well as mentorship and advice from the international business community.


Website: http://www.hultprize.org/

Twitter: @hultprize

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