SPP#61 Gavin Bell

SPP#61 Gavin Bell

Meet this week’s awesome StudentPreneur guest: Gavin Bell, 22, recent graduate from the Peter Jone’s Enterprise Academy in Manchester and founder of Blue Cliff Media in Edinburgh, UK.


Gavin got the entrepreneurship bug early on. To get some help he decided to attend the Peter Jone’s Enterprise Academy instead of going to university. His story is full of ups and downs.


  • I always had an entrepreneurial spark, I started with dropshiping.
  • My main skills is to take action and learn by doing.
  • My biggest fear is to be average
  • I had no mentor, I never found the right person.
  • Having a good mentor can be huge, but having a bad one can be fatal
  • The best way to get started is to get an internship in a new business


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April 12, 2017