#27 Lochlan Fennel: From a sport clinic to a tech startup!

#27 Lochlan Fennel

Meet this week awesome studentpreneur: Lochlan Fennel, 18 years old, Bio Medical Student at the University of the Sunshine Coast and Entrepreneur with Find a Subbie on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Wrap up:

Lochie  started quite early, motivated by his passion for sport and the need for cash. He was lucky enough to have his former PA instructor as a mentor and quickly understood the need to remove his liability for looking after kids. He reached out to his dad’s friend who was a lawyer to draft the contract to sell his business before moving interstates keeping an option to open a similar one. The idea for his new venture came from talking to his dad! He recognised pain points that he experienced himself and decided to buy the domain name. At only 18 he realised the value in having a desk in an innovation centre: mentors, entrepreneur in residence and a framework. Lochie has learned a lot at only 18, now it’s your time to get started.


  “I apply my bio medical science thinking to my business, it works great for me.”


-Enrol early at uni so you can have the best timetable that leave you free days to work.

-Learn by trial and error but for business decisions ask experienced entrepreneurs



U support U:

– Get students paired with businesses at the local innovation centre/incubator

– Foster the collaboration between IT and Business students by running courses together, even an assignement to build a business together 


-Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/FindasubbyAUS?fref=ts

-Website: www.findasubbie.com.au

-LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/pub/lochlan-fennell/79/bb9/52b

If you have what it takes you can apply to share your story on air. CLICK HERE