Studentpreneur + McKinsey consultant + MBA Studentpreneur = Gideon or how the entrepreneurial journey is not a straight line


Meet this week awesome studentpreneur: Gideon Silverman, 30 yo, Australian MBA Student a Stanford University, USA  and Entrepreneur at Monetise, Sydney.

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Wrap up:

He sold his first business at Uni to a charity that he was working with, and a great outcome is that that business is being used to teach some business skills yo young Australians (Check

Gideon went from selling shoes at the market while at Uni, to be a consultant at McKinsey and finally to a set up a finance startup while at Stanford, triggered by helping his mother to do her finance.

He operated by instincts in his first business at Uni, then honed then into business judgments at McKinsey, judgments built on experience.


– With physical products, you have margin and profit from day one.

– If there is one skill that served me well in my entrepreneurial career it’s accounting, it’s a critical skill.

Balancing business and studies

– Be very rigorous in managing your personal calendar, schedule everything.

– Have a mobile office: use “dead time” while travelling to work.

– Make sure you have your release valve: e.g. exercise and yoga




– To find contact: personal emails, 9/10 will respond.

– Experience failure as learning otherwise it will become too personal

– Whatever idea you have in mind: take the first step!

U2U (What could University do to support you)

– Cooperative programs, usually done with big corporation could be tailored to startups.

– Universities could create something like a venture capital fund to provide capital to the most promising Studentpreneurs. This way instead of getting a job could follow their dream.

– Great entrepreneurs could become teaching faculty at University to share their experience. The same way it’s done at Stanford.



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