#33 For Sam McDonnell and his co-founders university is the central hub, it offers everything they need


Meet this week’s awesome studentpreneur: Sam McDonnell, 21 y.o., Industrial Design undergraduate at University of Technology Sydney and co-founder at  Construction Cloud in Australia.

Wrap up:

What happens when engineering students get together with industrial design students? Construction Cloud, the Instagram for construction companies. Sam is the creative of the team and shows that you need a diverse team to tackle a problem. Nothing fell in his lap, instead he jumped at every opportunity, and engaged in plenty of creative competitions. For him there are a lot similarities between being an industrial design student and being an entrepreneur. Also universities offer a lot of opportunities for students but you have to be hungry:he joined the pre-incubator program of his university, the Hatchery, participated in multiple business plan competitions including startup weekend (Project Pitch) and even got sponsored with his co-founders Hartley Pike and Jan L. Schroeder to attend a global student entrepreneur competition, The University Startup World Cup in Denmark where they won a 12-month mentorship.


– Ted Talks audio podcast

– Entrepreneurship oriented podcast

– The Rich Roll


– Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand




-“For us university is the central hub, it offers everything we need”

-“Take with a grain of salt the advice you hear”

-“Don’t be afraid to ask anyone for help”

-“If you want to get into student entrepreneurship there are a few paradigms you need to break: the first is thinking that the work is 9 to 5.”

-“Learning from University Startup World Cup: 100 startups have the same idea as you”


– University Startup World Cup competition: UniversityWorldCup.com

– University Startup World Cup on FB: UniversityStartupWorldCup

– List of student competitions: StudentCompetitions.com

 -LinkedIn: Sam, Jan, and Hartley

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