My entrepreneurship lecturer put me on the path to help startups - Racheal Rose-Rehardt


Meet this week’s awesome studentpreneur: Racheal Rose-Rehardt, 21 y.o., undergraduate Business student at the University of the Sunshine Coast and running the Redcliffe hive co-sharing space in Australia.

Wrap up:

Racheal has a slightly different profiled than the usual studentpreneurs. After running a couple of businesses, including a restaurant, she is now running a co-sharing space and supporting entrepreneurs while studying herself.

She is also the winner of the 2015 SC Startup Weekend and shares her experience on there, basically that  when you are there you end up doing things that you thought  you were not capable of. Great inspiration! Check out when the next hackathon, weekend comp, startup weekend is on around you!


– ‘My entrepreneurship lecturer turned into an ideal mentor for me within  30 minutes’

– ‘I realised that maybe I am just obsessed with startups’

– ‘Since meeting my lecturer, everything has been put into perspective’

– ‘My entrepreneurship lecturer put me on the path to help startups’

– ‘On startup weekend: ‘What you do in 54 hours is craziness’

– ‘On startup weekend: You just do what you think you couldn’t do’

– ‘I just want to be there for them to tell them it’s ok.’

– ‘Learn from experience and don’t take yourself too seriously, don’t let fear takeover.’



U2U (Uni to support you):

– ‘Give us [academic and admin staff] a little of support when we need it, like an extension or liste ning to us’.

How do you learn?:

– ‘I learn by doing, just go for it.’


– Redcliffe Hive:

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 -LinkedIn: Racheal

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