#21 Marie Schneegans

#21 Marie Schneegans

Meet this week awesome studentpreneur: Marie Schneegans, 21 years old, Student in Financial Engineering and Applied Economics at Paris Dauphine University and Goethe University and entrepreneur with Never Eat Alone in France.

Wrap up:
Each studentpreneur’s story is different and what works for some people doesn’t for others, however I’d like to point out of few things in Marie’s journey that are similar to the studentpreneurs I have talked to:

Instead of keeping her ideas secret, she tells everyone about her project and try to meet as many people as possible by inviting them for lunch.  She is in the mindset of “fake it until you make it” and that’s how she found a free place to run her project. She is opened to new adventures, new people: she got exposed to the Free Space concept while couch surfing in Cambodia and she won a seat in an incubation program Startuphouse in San Francisco by competing in Startup Bus hackaton. Finally Marie reminds us that it’s not always easy to be a student and an entrepreneur; there is no more free time to see her loved ones. The support from the people around her such as her mentor and her boyfriend is one answer but so is meditation. So give a go to meditation to help you with your mindfulness. If you have a creative way to help Marie to manage her time post a comment on our FB page: facebook.com/thestudentpreneurpodcast.



– Have a lunch with someone you don’t know (check her Never Eat Alone app)

– Be open to diversity in background and age

– If you want it you can do it


Startuphouse: http://startuphouse.com/

Startupbus: https://startupbus.com/

Website: www.nevereatalone.io

Twitter: @schneegansmarie

LinkedIn: https://fr.linkedin.com/pub/marie-schneegans/52/948/b4/en


The amazing  French “etudiant-entrepreneur” status (Studentpreneur) in bullet points:

– Opportunity to run your own business instead of doing the compulsory 6 month internship.

– Free mentor (potentially an alumni of your uni!).

– Support network from a dedicated government organisation (PEPITE).

– Time adjustment and flexibility for your studies

– Same health cover has students

– Any student in France can apply: http://www.pepite-france.fr/


Zero to One from Peter Thiel


  • “Meditation is a tool that helps me be more focused.”

  • “Be open with different types of people, try to communicate with everyone.”

  • “Fake it until you make it.”

  • “I have no money so I had to find a way without money.”

  • “Never eat alone.”

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