Special Announcement: gotta submit that PhD!

Special Announcement: gotta submit that PhD!

Gotta submit that PhD!

To my listeners,

I started this podcast because I was amazed at the stories shared by  the studentpreneurs I interviewed for my PhD. I decided these stories had to be shared with the world to motivate other potential studentpreneurs out there.

I love doing those interviews, there is always so much to learn and it keeps me motivated when writing my thesis. For me, contribution to the practice is as important as contribution to theory, maybe sometimes more.

These interviews also help me understand how I can help studentpreneurs once I am an academic. Long story short I would love to be part of a University that values studentpreneurs. I have started working on how I would organise classes. For me, it’s all about practice with a touch of theory from time to time. I can see my first years working toward participating in a hackathon or a startup weekend. Then classes for the second year and third year would be run as an accelerator program. Grades would be based on effectiveness of customer validation and other real life criteria… I can go on and on  If you know a university who is looking for an academic like that, tell them about me;)



But first of all, I need to complete my PhD, and I have less than 4 months to do so! So after publishing episodes for 53 weeks in a row, I need to take a break. I have done more interviews but I will have to edit and publish them after I submit my thesis.

In the meantime, I invite you all to re-visit previous episodes, on studentpreneurpodcast.com you can search them by countries, universities, or themes. I hope these stories keep you motivated to pursue your entrepreneurial journey. Keep changing the mindset!


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March 25, 2016