SPP#37: At 16 Giorgio Doueihi decided to write a better app for his school than the official one

SPP# 37 Giorgio Doueihi

Meet this week’s awesome studentpreneur: Giorgio Doueihi, 19 y.o., psychology student at Sydney University and co-founder at Fluid Education in Australia.

Wrap up:

We all had our school pushing new systems or apps on us that no one used but what did we do about? Giorgio decided at 16 to build his on app, that would meet his own requirements. He had self-taught coding at 13 by going on online forum, posting problems online.He found out that other students had the same requirements and did not like the school app. The school realised that the students were more engaged  with Giorgio app than the one they had purchased, so they decided to adopt Giorgio’s app and even paid him! It’s a couple of years later that Giorgio and his co-funder kickstarted the business by being part of the Sydney Incubate accelerator program. He then went on top pitch at other programs to get in, such as Fishburners and Muru-D


Book and Podcast

-Book: Better habits

– Podcast: ‘How to start a startups’ by Ycombinator.



U2U (University to support You):

-Be more open minded about extension on work.

-Funding entrepreneurs at Uni


– ‘You are never too young to start a company or have an idea. I started when I was 16.’

– ‘Try to find problem in your own life you can try to solve because you have more expertise’

– ‘Coding is not that hard, set aside a couple of hours, go online and start small’


Twitter: @giorgiodoueihi

Facebook: Facebook.com/fluideducation

LinkedIn: Giorgio


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