SPP#40 Colin Kinner: Boosting High-impact entrepreneurship in Australia, A role for universities

SPP#40 Colin Kinner

Meet Colin Kinner who wrote for the Chief Scientist the Boosting High Impact Entrepreneurship in Australia report – A role for Universities

Colin ran incubators and worked in commercialisation at universities. He is now a consultant with deep knowledge of startup best practice and hands-on experience in its implementation. He provides strategic advice to organisations that support startups – including incubators, investors and government agencies. He recently wrote the report Boosting High-Impact Entrepreneurship in Australia that was released by the Office of the Chief Scientist in Australia. In this episode Colin shares all the best practices from the report.

Full report and a two-page summary.

Here are a few of his insights:

  • We need role model like Atlassian.

  • We downplay how successful we are in Australia.

  • ‘At University of Sydney the Technology Venture Course was delivered for a few years  by Matt Barrie, the CEO of freelancer.com and that was an awesome course.’

  • ‘Some important skills needs to be learnt in class so the mentors don’t have to explain them during 1 on 1s: cash flows, customer acquisition, capital raising,

  • ‘At a simplistic level business plans are largely a waste of time (…) it’s just writing fiction. I’d much rather see a lean canvas.’


  • ‘Incubators are a no brainer, we need more of those. For instance, the University of Melbourne incubator is very well ran.’

  • ‘Multi disciplinary team are really important. One of the challenges in Australia is that we see startups founded with people with no technical skill, you need your hacker then you need your hustler and hipster.’

  • ‘There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur event though it’s never going to be an easy journey.’


– Running Lean: Iterate from plan A to a plan that works by Ash Maurya

Paul Graham’s essays, founder of Y combinator


Twitter: @ColinKinner

Website: SpikeInnovation.com.au



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December 15, 2015