SPP#42: A social enterprise that uses the power of sport to develop local communities - Loic Pedras


Meet this week’s studentpreneur Loic Pedras, 32 y.o., PhD Candidate at the University of Coimbra, Portugal and co-founder at SportImpact, Switzerland.

SportImpact is a social enterprise that tries to use the power of sport to develop local communities. It allows to carry messages of environment health, social skills and peace.


  • ‘We also work with the Olympic Committee’
  • ‘We started a Pilot Project in East Timor’
  • ‘I was doing a little bit of both, I didn’t want to let it go but it comes a time when the workload in both is raising.’
  • ‘I do think you are more productive when you focus on one thing’



Blog: Around the world in 80 years

Website: SportImpact

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