SPP#43: Alex Sumsky, 850,000 facebook fans and counting

SPP43 Alex Sumsky

Meet this week’s awesome studentpreneur: Alex Sumsky, 19 y.o.,  Business student at the University of Sydney and entrepreneur at Forever Network in Australia.

 Alex started at 16 with a couple of friends. He had a passion for sport and liked to whoah people. He started to entertain  friends and then got into a network effect. Spending time one-on-ones was his best  market research. His venture stayed a hobby for a year and then turned into a business because of traction! It grew quick: 5,000 fans is the mark when your facebook page will start growing exponentially. At 18 he tried to monetise his 600k fans. He received  job offers straight from high school because of his business and then found. Alex got people from his job to follow them. He started in the US and then stopped and rebooted.

Here are a few of his insights:

  • ‘Everyone’s mistake: monetise too early but since I was a student living at home I didn’t need to monetise. The longer you can postpone to monetise your fans, the stronger your relationship with them.’

  • ‘I struggled with time management and I would lose track of studies.’

  • ‘Joining Sydney Incubate program was the best decision. connected with so many people.’

  • ‘I have decided to work only with people who have failed.’

  • Strategies: ‘You always have more time when you schedule – stay committed to deadlines.’

  • ‘I love to read.’

  • ‘I am the least talented person on the team.’



Books & Podcast:

  •  How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie.

  • Podcast of sportswriters: Grant Land.

U2U (Uni to support you):

  • More focus on case study. Create opportunities to compete.


Twitter:   @bballforeverfb

Website: BasketballForever.com

Emails: info@forevernetwork.com and alex@@forevernetwork


Sydney Incubate program:http://incubate.org.au/



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