SPP#50: There is always someone you can help, target someone like you, a few years younger.

SPP#50 Mark & Vince

Meet this week’s awesome studentpreneur: Vincent (24), Business student at the National University of Singapore, and Mark (26) co-founders of TwentyandFree, Singapore.


Mark and Vincent believe in the power of mentor, They help university students to be free. Mark never thought about being an entrepreneur. He initially joined a company to sell websites. On the other hand, Vincent started at 16 by selling  candy to his friends. At some point they were both completely lost, not sure was to do. They went to a lot of paid events, read a lot of books but felt overwhelmed. Now they provide online coaching to help students build a business in 3 months. They also organise events where they bring world class coaches. They have a community where we give away all the lessons we learnt ($1 for the first month), they organise monthly masterminds, give a  book a month. Connect with them on facebook & check online community at TwentyandFree.


  • ‘I first tried network marketing but I burnt a lot of relationships and lost all the money I had. The lesson learned is that selling is about educating.’

  • ‘We organise 1-day training on how to find customer.’

  • ‘You don’t have a business until you make sales.’

  • ‘If you want to sell something for $3,000, you need to solve a $10,000 problem.’

  • ‘There is always someone you can help, target someone like you, a few years younger.’

  • ‘Balance: how bad do you want it? Are you really willing to do what it takes?’



Books, Podcasts, and Blogs:

U2U (Uni to support you):

  • We need experience.

  • Program at NUS: Overseas colleges program where studentpreneurs are sent to startups in the Silicon Valley  and other  hotbed for One year.


Vincent’s Facebook

Mark’s Facebook

Website: TwentyandFree

NUS Overseas program: life at a startup


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