SPP#52: Special Episode: How to leverage your University for your business: Queensland University of Technology

SPP#52 QUT Rowena Barrett

Special Episode: How to leverage your University for your business: Queensland University of Technology with Dr. Rowena Barrett, Head of the School Management.

-If you have just started at QUT or you are in high school  in Brisbane, this episode will help you understand how to quick start your business thanks to the ecosystem at the Queensland University of Technology.

-For all studentpreneurs around the world, this special episode will make you double check your own university ecosystem. Ask around for similar groups or programs How does your University compare?


 Success Stories:

  • Fruit Ninja (halfbrick.com), created by QUT business students!

  • Humminbird House, Queensland’s unique Children hospice developed by QUT MBA students




Key Strengths of Queensland University of Technology:

  • Couple of entrepreneurship units part of core.

  • Minor in entrepreneurship available University-wide (4 units).

  • Shifting the program to more active doing vs. theory (bringing informal environment).

  • QUT Starters: a student-run society supporting students from all disciplines who have an interest in discovering their inner entrepreneur. QUT Starters offer entrepreneurship program all along the semester.

  • Bluebox: The university accelerator for students, staff, and alumni, in connection with QUT researchers.

  • Creative Entreprise Australia: an incubator for creative industry (the Coterie), a program for early stage entrepreneur (adoptaprener), and a Startup Weekend on creative tech. Open to all students!


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