Stanford’s eCorner Podcasts

Stanford’s eCorner Podcasts

An amazing library of more than 2000 videos of young, mature, serial, successful or famous entrepreneurs. From Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) in 2005 to ReidHoffman (LinkedIn).


Available on iTunes or Android podcast players/.


I first caught the entrepreneurship bug back in my business school when I became the VP of the student association. Since then I have set up two businesses while working, the last one being a sustainable smart phone application development business 3 years ago. I also have 10 years of work experience in promoting, selling and implementing innovation at companies like Telstra. Now I am passionate about leveraging my practical experience to help student entrepreneurs and humbly further the research on student entrepreneurship. My goal is to come out with an output that will foster student entrepreneurship. If you have an interesting experience, article, contact, project... in student entrepreneurship, then contact me!

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    Available on iTunes and Android podcast players

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